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Q4OS Team
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Upgrade to a newer Q4OS edition

This recommendation concerns an upgrade from older Q4OS edition, for example Q4OS 3 Centaurus / Debian Buster to a newer one for example Q4OS 4 Gemini  / Debian Bullseye.

First, we always recommend a new fresh Q4OS installation and copying desired user data in the $HOME folder, as it ensures the clean operating system base and exclude possible hidden inconsistencies. In such a clean way, it could be feasible to make use of custom profiles feature of the Desktop profiler, see

For those, who really want to do a regular upgrade:
The upgrade will be possible according to the standard conditions of Debian. If you follow recommendations for Debian and simply modify Q4OS repositories in sources.list, it should be possible to upgrade between Q4OS editions in most cases. Keep in mind, the major upgrades usually require post-upgrade manual system interventions and fixes, what could be time consuming. Some hidden inconsistencies may also persist after upgrade, and show themselves later unexpectedly.

Do not hesitate to post any valuable links to Debian upgrade instructions in the follow up discussion.


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