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newb with observations

Hello - newb to Q4os. Tend to use buntu distros - though I test everything. I decided to try Q4os and I have taken an instant liking to it. The testing is being done on ancient Dell Laptops - a D430 and a D620. On both machines - one issue has been noticed. The battery / power monitor and performance settings will freeze and I have to sometimes shut it off - and then restart it. An odd note is that after using- and set aside for a bit whilst working on my main desktop - I will get back to the D430 and note the fan is running even and it is hot - as though it was working hard on something. Opening to see what might be running and I am not seeing anything that would run the processor hard.
Outside of that - this is an exceptional desktop competing very well with distros like Bodhi, AntiX. I plan on continued testing - as it is just a pleasant distro. Being completely new to Trinity as a desktop - having ignored KDE for XFCE, Enlightenment, LXDE, and Fluxbox (antiX) up until very recent - I hope to see this desktop environment thrive!


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Re: newb with observations

This is not unusual behaviour with the latest kernels and older hardware.

You may want to try the previous release - Orion - and see if that fixes it for you. I have had similar issues with HP and Dell of the same vinatge. … o/download … o/download


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