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No internet (unknown host) after fresh install (Newbie)

To demonstrate the utility of Q4OS Linux to a local PC Users Group, I installed Q4OS 4.7 Gemini 32-bit with Trinity Desktop Environment on an ancient laptop (i.e., HP OmniBook XE2 with a 450 MHz PIII CPU and 256 MB RAM).

Since this laptop lacks an Ethernet connection, I obtained access to the internet using a USB to Ethernet adapter.  I subsequently installed the Synaptic Package Manager, Kazam screen capture utility, and AbiWord.  The process on this ancient system took ~1.5 hours.

I unplugged the laptop intending to obtain screen captures the following day for my Workshop presentation and found that the internet connection was down "Unknown Host."  The ethernet cable was checked and it's sending data; I checked it at the switch.  I tried a different cable, a different USB to Ethernet adapter, and a PCMCIA to ethernet adapter with no success.  I noted the computer asked for date and time to be set upon reboot and I assumed the BIOS battery is dead in this laptop.

Thinking that the OS was corrupted in some way, I tried to reinstall Q4OS.  However, I was unable to configure the desktop because no active Ethernet connection was detected.  At this point I am stumped.

I am not intimately familiar with Debian Linux and have limited experience using Q4OS (i.e., a few system installations).  My experience using Debian-Linux is with Open Media Vault for a home NAS/Server.  I assume you need output from a series of Linux commands to assist me to troubleshoot the connection difficulties.  If I don't get access to the internet soon, I will have to install Q4OS on a more modern system to evaluate it for my Workshop or present my difficulties with this Q4OS install to a group of PC enthusiasts.  Without internet access, apps cannot be installed and the system cannot be configured or updated.  I know the system is capable, as I've installed Q4OS on it as described above.  However, my reinstallation attempt has failed.

Can anyone in the forum help me troubleshoot my internet access problem?


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- Arthur C. Clarke


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