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Windows Q4OS installer

As introduced earlier in developer section, it's now possible to install Q4OS Scorpion testing version, using dedicated Windows installer. The installer will automatically configure a computer as a dual boot system, you will be allowed to switch back and forth between Windows and Q4OS each time you restart your computer.

Installer is available for download from testing releases page

Installation instructions:


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Re: Windows Q4OS installer

I ran into a problem running the dedicated installer (q4os-winsetup.exe), that I'll pass on: 

When I ran the installer, after entering my password twice and proceeding, it almost immediately ended with an error message (can't recall the message exactly, but seem to recall that it was about something being 'broken').  I suspected it was a firewall problem, as mine is set to prompt me to approve all new connections, and the firewall's prompt had popped up at the same time.  I approved the connection, but the install nevertheless failed.  My firewall remembers the connection information, so I started the installer again, but the same thing happened.  I could see from my temp folder, after a few attempts, that each time the firewall prompted me, it was for a different named executable!  As the installer does not have a 'retry' option when the connection fails, I was stuck, as each time I ran the installer, a new name for the executable was used, so my previous permission was meaningless.

To solve the problem, I had to "open" the firewall and keep it open for the several minutes it took to do the complete install.  (I don't like doing this, running 'naked' on the internet(!), but it seemed the only way, and it worked.)

I don't know if you can modify the install process, but if you can, having a 'retry' option would eliminate the problem, as I could approve the connection and then try to resume the install.  In addition, a more accurate error message would be a help.  I've run into this problem before, but programs that fail in this manner usually give a message such as 'unable to connect to the internet', so I immediately know it's a firewall problem.  Your installer gave a message about something being 'broken', but no hint that it was an internet connection problem.


September 26, 2017


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