Q4OS for Windows setup, user manual, rev. 10/2022

Q4OS for Windows setup

user manual

1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Boot menu
4. Uninstallation

1. Introduction

The Windows installer allows you to install Q4OS alongside Windows in an easy way, you won't have to modify your existing Windows operating system, nor any of your software installed. Q4OS is installed inside Windows as any other application, no separate partitions, just a folder in the Windows filesystem. Once you install Q4OS, you'll be able to switch back and forth between Windows and Q4OS each time you restart your computer. This installer is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7 versions and it's able to handle Secure boot, if available in the PC firmware.

If your Windows becomes lagging, it's the right time to try Q4OS out, a lightweight, snappy and easy to use operating system with variety of applications available in repositories. Q4OS is not intended to be a replacement, but the perfect complement to an existing Windows installation.

2. Installation

At first, you need to get setup executable, so download file "q4os-winsetup.zip" from downloads section of the Q4OS website. Unzip and launch it the usual way by double click from Windows file explorer. Keep the file explorer window pointing the unzipped file throughout the installation process, to make temporary files available for the installer.

On Windows 11/10, depending on the security policy of your system, a popup window titled "Windows protected your PC" may appear when trying to execute the installer. You only need to click "More info" and confirm the Q4OS setup is safe to continue.

In the User Account Control UAC window, click Yes and the Q4OS setup window will now appear. Follow the instructions of the guide style installer. You will be asked to choose the storage space, this means how much storage you would like to assign for Q4OS in your Windows's drive.

The installer will start downloading, extracting and expanding the target image file. Installation takes some time so please be patient. Once the installation process has finished, close the installer window and restart computer.

Automatic post install steps take place at the first boot in text mode, they last from seconds up to a few minutes depending on the disk size selected. Don't interrupt running tasks and wait for a while for installer to complete the operations. Once finished, the system is fully set up and ready to run either Windows or Q4OS as selected from the boot menu.

3. Boot menu

You will be allowed to select either Windows or Q4OS entry at boot time, as the installer registers Q4OS entry into the UEFI boot menu. However on some computers, firmware forces the Windows bootloader to be the only in the boot list, which means by default, you won't see Q4OS entry when you boot your computer. Your computer will instead continue to boot into Windows and it will appear, that nothing has in fact happened. To boot into Q4OS, restart computer and press the function key to pull up the boot menu. The following list provides the function keys for common computer manufacturers:

 Acer - Esc, F9, F12
 ASUS - Esc, F8
 Compaq - Esc, F9
 Dell - F12
 EMachines - F12
 HP - Esc, F9
 Intel - F10
 Lenovo - F8, F10, F12
 NEC - F5
 Packard Bell - F8
 Samsung - Esc, F12
 Sony - F11, F12
 Toshiba - F12

You need to tap the function key straight away and before Windows boots. This will bring up a menu and you can choose to boot either Windows or Q4OS. If you choose Q4OS from this menu, then Q4OS will load and you can begin using and enjoying it.

If Q4OS doesn't start when selected from the boot menu, you would need to enter BIOS setup and switch the Secure boot mode to Audit mode instead of Deployed mode. Another way to make Q4OS bootable would be to turn the Secure boot off.

4. Uninstallation

Uninstalling Q4OS is a simple matter of running the downloaded executable again, which will prompt you to uninstall the existing Q4OS operating system. Just launch the "q4os-winsetup.exe" installer again and the uninstall wizard starts.

The uninstaller wipes out Q4OS completely. Uninstallation is quick and simple, and leaves no remnants or abandoned files.

Q4OS for Windows setup, user manual, rev. 10/2022