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Q4OS Team
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Q4OS based on Ubuntu

No panic please, the official Q4OS branch will remain based on Debian smile

Nonetheless, for those, who want to fiddle with, and see Q4OS based on Ubuntu, we have an interesting option. As claimed recently, Q4OS Orion could be set up under a fresh Devuan installation, and now it's possible to do the same on Ubuntu. At the moment Ubuntu LTS Xenial is the only one supported.

Q4OS setup is pretty easy. First, you will need to perform fresh Ubuntu Xenial installation, we recommend to perform a minimal install without Desktop environment, and then run Q4OS installation script in terminal.

Just download and run this script in terminal as 'root', see below, it will add Q4OS and Trinity repositories and guide you through the Q4OS setup process. Login into the previously installed Ubuntu system via console, ssh or desktop and get ready to execute a few terminal commands. Download and run Q4OS setup script as 'root' superuser:
$ wget
$ su
# sh
Reboot and login into the fresh Q4OS Desktop.

Note: You will see a few error messages as the script is still optimized for Debian, but none of them are serious, you can safely ignore them.


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Re: Q4OS based on Ubuntu



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Re: Q4OS based on Ubuntu

Same here as i want to give this a try.


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