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bing+nasa 'wallpaper of the day' for Q4OS Trinity :-)

Hello, I found a lttle script on github designed to 'enable bing wallpapers on linux'. This was not working with TDE, so I decided to adapt it. And I improved it (a lot tongue).
Here it is: (from my github : … -linux_tde )

Bing Wallpapers For Trinity DE
This enables bing wallpapers on debian with Trinity DE.
forked (& improved) from :

Description is a simple script that retrieves 'Bing image of the day' and set it as current wallpaper. It is designed for Trinity DE.
You can run it 'singleshot' by just executing the script without arguments, run it as a daemon (-d), or add it to cron jobs (-c).

You can put the script anywhere, but I recommend the folder /usr/local/bin so it will be available for all users as a direct command.

You can set the check interval in daemon/cronjob mode (-i); don't forget the image is renewed only once a day, so depending of your usage it's maybe not usefull to set a too short interval.
You can set the image size to be downloaded (-s) between 4 available resolutions provided by the bing images api (800x600, 1366x768, 1920x1080, 1920x1200)
You can specify too the folder where images will be downloaded (-f); if it doesn't exist yet, it will be created if possible.

"" run and exit
" -d" run as daemon
" -k" kill daemon
" -c" add task to cron
" -r" remove task from cron
" -i" set check interval
" -f" set wallpapers download folder
" -s" set image size
" -p" display status/settings
" -h" help

Hope you'll enjoy it smile

**Update:, with exactly the same functions (except image size) but for Nasa image of the day ^^

(scripts attached; don't forget to set executable: sudo chmod +x
or sudo chmod +x )

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sh, Size: 10.48 KiB, Downloads: 17

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Re: bing+nasa 'wallpaper of the day' for Q4OS Trinity :-)

Nice. cool


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