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Microsoft .themepack installer for Q4OS Trinity

Hello the Q4OS community,
I made a little microsoft .themepack / .deskthemepack installer for Q4OS with Trinity DE. It's a simple script, it can be used in terminal or 'installed' as default action for .themepack/.deskthemepack files (so you can directly click on them in konqueror or dolphin for example to install them)

For those who don't know, .themepack / .deskthemepack are themes packages for windows 10/11, you can find a lot of themes here for example: … Windows_10

These packages contains wallpapers (sometimes sounds and icons too, but my script only deals with the wallpapers for now) on a given theme, to be used as desktop diaporama.
The idea is to have the same kind of behavior like you have in win10/11 : you just click on the .themepack / .deskthemepack file and it installs it for you as the current desktop diaporama.

You can download the script here:

Please tell me what you think (and if it works for you to help me to correct bugs if any)

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Re: Microsoft .themepack installer for Q4OS Trinity

Good Job!

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Before asking for help please read this topic:   If you have problems with WiFi network, try to install the Network Manager using Q4OS Software Centre.


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Re: Microsoft .themepack installer for Q4OS Trinity



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