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TDE and Chromium browser

On the browser front - mindful of the sad imminent demise of Firefox which I have been using since the 0.x releases - I've been wondering about what to use instead. ESR is still my preferred FF but I think the writing is on the wall as Mozilla are facing seemingly impossible odds in the face of the Chromium based alternatives. Also I am finding a lot more sites are not behaving as well in FF as they do in Chromium based browsers even with agent settings.

It looks like a lot of work has been done on the Chromium Browser installer. It now brings in uBlock-origin which is a nice touch as well as Chromium PDF viewer. It also looks like the default settings have been tweaked to make it as secure as possible out of the box - again a thoughtful touch by the dev team - so thanks for that. Big bonus is pulling in system-config-printer which is the only sane way of setting up a printer in a general system (and yes I know about KDE and blah...).

Also it's good to see that the font in the omnibox is now consistent with other fonts - or at least more legible than the old default experience.

I have even been using Microsoft Edge - but it's such hard work switching OFF all the stuff they think is somehow important. No doubt there's a way of creating a config file and making all the changes in one go....

Not bothered hugely by the anti Google stuff. I've used Google for years without any pain and so far so good.

So, Chromium as delivered vis Q4OS looks like a nice out of the box option - thanks dev team. All it needs is a separate search box like Firefox.... smile


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Re: TDE and Chromium browser

FWIW, as a diehard FF user I share your worries about Firefox and for the same reasons...

Stuff like this isn't helping, IMHO:

The Mozilla CEO earned $6,903,089 in 2022.

@ … -nosedives

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Re: TDE and Chromium browser

Maybe it's time for Firefox (ex Phoenix) to definitively crash so as to be reborn!

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Re: TDE and Chromium browser

bin wrote:

Also I am finding a lot more sites are not behaving as well in FF as they do in Chromium based browsers even with agent settings.

I'm having the opposite experience with one website I frequently use; Chromium chokes on it while Firefox handles it with no problems.

Edit: Also tested with iPad / Safari browser, and again -- no problems. 

bin wrote:

mindful of the sad imminent demise of Firefox

I wouldn't count it out quite yet; Firefox could eventually be spun off.

For example, Mozilla discontinued Kompozer HTML editor several years ago, then its chief developer resurrected it as an independent project under the name BlueGriffon.

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