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Are Q4OS updates automatic or manual?

Okay i'm gonna be quick with my wording, mainly because i'm searching for an ubuntu/debian distro that doesn't have dependency hell, has a fractional scalingsupport amd has a switch to toggle updates.

and from what i've seen it has the first 2 but I don't know about the updates.

To be extra clear I am writing this article from a live usb.
And from my understanding and what I see on Q4OS has no sort of automatic updates just manual ones.
I checked around in the settings of the OS and on the internet.

Since there is no STRAIGHT answer I want to know/ask.
Are the updates disable/enabled by default and/or are they automatic or manual?

Bonus question how I remove the chromium browser and everything that accompany it?

Thank you for answering in advance


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Re: Are Q4OS updates automatic or manual?

My Q4OS Plasma came with "unattended-upgrades" installed, according to Synaptic.

Synaptic also shows Chromium browser with the option to uninstall it.


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Re: Are Q4OS updates automatic or manual?

The only time you will run into 'dependency hell' with either debian or ubuntu is if you create that hell in the first place.

In ubuntu you can get yourself in a twist very easily with PPAs that do not belong to the same release cycle (or just plain crap PPAs)

In debian you can try to do likewise with repos that are not in the same release cycle (and also by trying to add UBUNTU PPAs to a debian system.

WRT updates. I cannot answer for Plasma, but TDE does not have automatic updates by default. It is easy enough to do by installing and configuring unattended-upgrades but that does require some extra knowledge of how that works in order to tame it.

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Re: Are Q4OS updates automatic or manual?

For the updates, in Plasma at least, you can install the Update Manager from the Software Center. It will check periodically if updates are available and ask for a confirmation before installing them.

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Re: Are Q4OS updates automatic or manual?

bin wrote:

The only time you will run into 'dependency hell' with either debian or ubuntu is if you create that hell in the first place.

you sure about that friend?

Because in KDE Neon had some serious issues with winehq.
I can list more issues that I ran into if you want

Anyway Been hopping around from OS to OS in order to find the "perfect" one.

So far Q4OS somewhat fits the bill.

I don't know if this is a feature or a bug but the updates section(software update) in the system settings is/was missing when I boot/ed from the live usb.
As of now, after installing the OS they are present in the menu. And thank you for the additional information about the updates.

Another reason for making this thread was the fact, that on this forum I saw at least 3 threads(I can't post links for some reason) which go on to explain how to update to a newer version of q4os and a few other threads discussing updates, in which the devs explain that they have tried(and I guess accomplished, kudos for which) made updates not to be annoying for the average user.
Along with some other stuff(that I didn't find the need to understand, for now at least)

This is regarding chromium again I don't know if this is a feature and/or a bug, but pretty much every app/package/repository and what not that was both listed and installed in the "Q4OS software center" was missing an uninstall button, which to me probably gave the wrong impression of being unable to uninstall apps from it.
When in fact I just simply needed to to double click on what I wanted to remove.

Anyway I guess I can say I got things solved on my own.

Thanks for all the help everyone!
I like the OS and everything so far that comes with it.

Just a minor question to the devs why Chromium as a default browser?

Finally, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone smile!


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