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Unix System V r3 3b2-700 available for Q4OS 64bit

I have a version of Unix that runs fine on Q4os 64bit. Yes real Unix.

3b2-700 was an AT&T mini-computer. The 3b2 700 running Unix System V.

Upon downloading the tar file simply untar (tar -xf) it into a directory
Change directory to that directory
Then type   ./unix

Unix will load and start. It will check the filesystems, set the date/time
and log you in as root.

When finished using Unix as root: cd / then shutdown -y -g0 then when single user mode
is started send Control-E then at sim> type exit.

There is source code under /usr/ken/usr.bin and /usr/src

There is a "guest" login with no password. Once up and running you will be able to
telnet into it using: telnet -e ^[ localhost 2323

If interested drop me a line and I will send you the link to it.



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