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#1 2023-07-27 14:16

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[Upstream] Notification window below taskbar.

Good day!
I have installed Network Manager from Q4OS Software Centre.
But, when I hover on it`s icon at system tray, the notification window appears below the taskbar, so I can not see what is written on it: … drive_link
I can only see it, when I put taskbar at the top of the screen: … drive_link

My system information is here: … 004#p25004

I have the same problem after installing fdpowermon.


P.S is better for screenshots, than google disk.

Workaround: Put your taskbar at the top of the screen or at the side of the screen.

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Before asking for help please read this topic:   If you have problems with WiFi network, try to install the Network Manager using Q4OS Software Centre.


#2 2023-09-16 12:56

Q4OS Team
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Re: [Upstream] Notification window below taskbar.

We can confirm this bug. We consider it as upstream TDE bug as it's reproducible on bare Trinity/Debian12 installation.

To reproduce this bug on Trinity/Debian12:
- Install network-manager-gnome or fdpowermon package
- Follow the original post


#3 2023-09-17 06:57

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Re: [Upstream] Notification window below taskbar.

Just to add to the mystery - I see identical behaviour in MX Linux XFCE so it may actually be an issue with network-manager - perhaps linked to Adwaita changes???


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