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Should I install Power-Profiles-Daemon, TLP, Auto-CpuFreq or is PowerD

Hi I Love Q4OS, Please Can You Answer A Few Questions For Me?. Thank You

Should I install Power-Profiles-Daemon, TLP, Auto-CpuFreq or is PowerDevil that comes with the system enough?.

Does PowerDevil work with TLP ?, I found this article.

powerdevil and TLP will not conflict with each other, TLP adjusts the values powerdevil doesn't touch and vice versa.

(TLP handles kernel module power saving options, powerdevil sets timeouts and actions for lid close events and similar, as well as display brightness) you usually want to use both for their respective features

plasma's network manager applet relies on NetworkManager, the fact that it is present means NetworkManager is running properly. (NetworkManager is a network management daemon, it runs in the background, there are multiple clients to control it, one of them is that plasma applet)

I just need some answers as I Love your operating system, it just works and is lightning fast on my old Mid 2012 11 Inch MacBook Air.

I am so impressed with Q4Os that I am going to make a YouTube video to show off my new setup once I am done fiddling with it, I have a big new Mac but I love my little old Mac that I started with and now my trusty little friend can live again Thanks to Q4OS.

Thank You


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Re: Should I install Power-Profiles-Daemon, TLP, Auto-CpuFreq or is PowerD

All those applications are used to reduce power consumption of notebooks and also reduce heat generated by the system and fan noise. This is very good, but there is another side - they limit the CPU performance. So, if you are not planning to use your notebook in travels, where you will use it mainly from battery power, yo do not need those apps at all. Especially, if you have a notebook with not powerful CPU. Because, in that case, you need to use your CPU at full power. You do not want slow and sluggish notebook, right?
I currently have DELL Latitude E5450 with Intel i5-5300U. This is not powerful CPU, so I have removed all apps, that can limit it`s performance. Even TDEPowerSave, which came with the Basic install profile. Also, I am not planning to use my DELL in trevels, It is just a home work machine. So, why do I need to limit the performance of my CPU? Let it run at full power, right?
In short: If you are going to use your notebook in travels, then you need those apps. But, in that case, you should also change your notebooks battery to the new one.
In any other usage scenarios - you do not need those apps, use your notebook at it`s full power. The only exception - if your notebook gets overheated. But in that case you should check the cooling system (thermal paste, fans, heatpipes) for possible flaws.

Before asking for help please read this topic:   If you have problems with WiFi network, try to install the Network Manager using Q4OS Software Centre.


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