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#1 2023-07-25 16:24

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[Upstream] System crash when I change QtCurve settings.

My system information is here: … 004#p25004
When I change QtCurve settings in ControlPanel ---> LookNFeel ---> Style ---> QtCurve [Setup] the TDE (tdecmshell) always crashes.
Please watch videos at 720p quality setting: … drive_link … drive_link

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#2 2023-09-08 11:27

Q4OS Team
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Re: [Upstream] System crash when I change QtCurve settings.

We can confirm this bug. We consider it as upstream TDE bug as it's reproducible on bare Trinity/Debian12 installation.

To reproduce this bug on Trinity/Debian12:
- Install tde-style-qtcurve-trinity package
- Set QtCurve as user default style for Trinity session
- In the QtCurve style module > click Configure button > Scrollviews > check "Highlight on focus (TDE)" checkbox > Ok > Apply
- Follow instructions and videos from the original post

Workaround for Q4OS:
- uncheck "Highlight on focus (TDE)" checkbox and keep it unchecked all the time
Any other changes in the QtCurve style module shouldn't entail in a crash.


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