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(Solved) Force Q4OS install without boot loader.

I have a computer set up for a dual boot situation, with rEFInd as the boot loader. The other system is booting and functioning normally, and I have copied the Q4OS BOOTX64.EFI file to the correct location. How do I force a Q4OS install without a boot loader i.e. Grub2?

EDIT ----

OK, it was possible for me to avoid installing Grub2 (don't set a mount point for the EFI partition), however the Q4OS BOOTX64.EFI file looks for a grub.cfg file in the EFI partition, which of course is not interesting for me when I want to boot with rEFInd... Is there a work around?

EDIT2 ----

Cool. I deleted the EFI/Q4OS folder with the Q4OS BOOTX64.EFI file, and apparently rEFInd is able to find an "EFI stub" on the Q4OS install and boot the system without any other form of boot loader. Cool.

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Re: (Solved) Force Q4OS install without boot loader.

Nice to know, thanks. cool


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