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Q4OS 4.11 install problem

I have just down loaded the latest Q4OS 4.11 code. I tried it out on a standby desktop (i5-10 cpu, 16GB ram). The image was loaded onto an 8GB USB stick used for the install onto the desktop. I booted from the stick. Before starting the actual install, I down loaded vim and synaptic, then used synaptic to download wine and a couple of other packages. The install appeared to go all right and seemed to have installed Synaptic and vim during the system install. However, when I attempted to install LaTeX and a few other packages with odd results. and the end of the synaptic install it complained about missing packages and corrupt links.
My guess is that before the actual install, the install software had attempted to write synaptic and vim onto the usb stick. The stick had been corrupted and could not be used for a second attempt to install 4.11. I then reloaded the usb stick and carried out a successful install -- after rebooting with the refreshed usb stick, I started the install without playing with the desktop. Perhaps there should be a warning NOT to install any packages before performing a proper installation.


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