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Printers: dot matrix without drivers & Canon ink cleaning levels out

1.- I own an old matrix dot printer, PhilipsNMS1433Plus, this device worked fine under DOS 7.0 enviroment without drivers, only a parallel port cable is needed. I wonder if such older devices still work, and could be configured under q4os, but I have no luck when I try to make it work. Parallel cable is in good use and seems to detect something only when my laptop turn on, then my printer also turn on and a led light on, when parallell port cable is connected to the old printer from a compatible parallel port computer.

I turned on q4os, choose a Generic printer from Control Panel/Printers, try to configure as simple I can but nothing happens. I've found no drives on Google, for any operating system you were looking for.

On Term, installing cups or system-printer packages also does not help to obtain any answer fron my matrix printer.

I must recognize I've never able to make it work under Windows Xp as a Generic Printer.

2.- I have a old but useful printer BJC Canon 4300 which still I use, and works fine under Q4os, this device is usb plug and play and it is recognizable from the first time you connect it on Control Panel/Printers,  no drivers needed. Printers from the age of windows xp like mine should have no recognition trobles under Debian, but some functions does not exist like cleaning heads or ink levels do in the original Xp drivers program option menu. I wonder if there is some debian package which do these functions, somebody maybe knows it.

I have drivers for this printer, which contains a complete program for many auxiliary issues for Canon printers, but there are for winXp, I have not tried installing them using Wine, but I'm afraid they will not work.

Any help about matrix dot printers and free packages for printers are welcome, thanks for reading.

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