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'Boomerang' behaviour in Konqueror -- #1 of 2

Hello guys, this is one of two small, irritating queries which I imagine I could Google in a second if I knew the proper terminology for what I'm trying to do.

Since upgrading to the latest Q4OS, I've noticed that Konqueror doesn't behave as I expected in relation to ongoing series of file selections.

Context: I'm doing lots of Ebay sales, so I need to select a series of photos out of the folder allocated to today's shoot. I would expect the file manager to return automatically to the last folder selected (older Mac users will remember this as the behaviour of the 'Boomerang' utility). Instead, Konqueror requires me to select the appropriate drive and navigate the entire folder hierarchy each time I call it. This is do-able, but wastes time.

I'm guessing that there's a setting to activate this behaviour. I'd even consider changing file managers.

Best, NP.

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