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New to Q4OS

Hi Guys and Girls
I recently found an old laptop that came with Win 7 Pro installed. The battery was toast so I bought a new one to try and get it running.
After 4 days of "installing updates" and "please wait" and "do not turn off your computer" I finally got to a desktop. Removed over 500 virus and PUPs and then tried to watch a short YouTube clip. The video took at least 4 minutes to open and I finally gave up.
I used my other laptop running Mint and searched for "best distro for old hardware" Q4OS come out tops and I downloaded the 32bit older version.
It installed from USB drive and I chose the option to use the entire hard drive. Twenty minutes later I had fully operational desktop, with everything needed. Network, sound and graphics card just worked!
I thank everyone involved in developing this great distro. It turned a Redmond brick into a snappy modern, usable machine.
Keep up the good work!

Not knocking Win 7. We still have several of them running seamlessly at work.


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