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#1 2022-08-15 13:04

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Update // Upgrade to Unstable repositories


I would like to be able to receive the latest updates for all programs pre-installed on your operating system.

I have noticed that the latest updates are received by the Unstable repositories, but I have a problem.

Yesterday I put a sources file in the sources.list.d folder, which received all the programs from the Unstable repository, but later, there were two programs that were not installed correctly and also, it did not let me install more programs due to problems with q4os-desktop dependencies.

How could I install everything from Unstable without breaking the system?



#2 2022-08-17 07:35

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Re: Update // Upgrade to Unstable repositories

I can't answer your question, but it seems contradictory to choose Q4OS which is a very stable system and in the same time to install programs from the unstable repository. Another distribution would probably suit your needs better.

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Re: Update // Upgrade to Unstable repositories

Yes, Q4OS focuses on stability as mentioned above.


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