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#1 2022-07-02 21:24

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Grab doesn't launch Windows 10 (Q4OS and WIN10 on the one drive)

I have no idea what cause troubles to make this unbootable. Grab sees windows 10, PC can run Windows 10 (if you spam F11 and use [UEFI] Windows Boot Manager).

When i install Q4 only on one drive while windows stay on another. I had no troubles with it.
Im buy new SSD with more storage to use 2 OS on it because my HDD's working really slow.

Booting while installing is SSD (i can take the same 2 HDD's but its cause no sense because if i take out that HDD with boot of Linux. That just turning to be unbootable at any way)

I guess i can make windows (find) q4os and boot them from WBM Menu
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