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Konqueror: "Undocumented Error" on Startup Page (My Computer)

I am seeing some weird behavior in KDE's Konqueror browser:

When starting Konqueror using the icon "My Computer" on the desktop, it starts up like this:
URL shows "konq:blank" and the page says: "The requested operation could not be completed", "Undocumented Error".
Refreshing the page fixes the issue and shows the expected start page.

When starting Konqueror using the terminal (Konsole), everything works as expected.
With default settings, the start page address shows as completely blank, not "konq:blank".

There is a video from another user showing this in action: (Not pictured: The "Unknown error code" seems to change every reboot)
The video was recorded in a Virtual Machine but as this other guy, I first noticed this bug on a "real" desktop computer.

In the video, to demonstrate this, a pretty "stock" installation (Vanilla Linux kernel, ext4 root, systemd-boot, en_US.UTF-8 locale, plasma-meta, kde-applications-meta), is used.

Firefox works fine so this isn't a dealbreaker, but I am still curious if anyone else is seeing this issue?
Did I maybe miss some critical thing during installation that could cause this?

Thank you very much for any hint in advance and kind regards,

P.S.: There seems to be some kind of fix here … 3699e5253b
but apparently, it didn't make it in the Konqueror version we are actually using on Q4OS.

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