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WiFi basic question

New to q4os .Decided to revitalise an old dell laptop  32bit
.It looks great and can't wait to get started..but I can't understand how to connect to WiFi ..I have found my router on the connection manager but don't understand where to input my password
The Dialogue box after finding My router under said comes up as WPA Personal and shared key
I don't understand what shared key means..
I ran antix before and run Linux mint on my other 64 bit laptop and the WiFi manager is much easier to is possible I can make a wired connection if there is an "easier" to understand network manager I can use but I'm sure it's something simple I'm missing
I'd be most grateful if someone could help me out


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Re: WiFi basic question

No need to really "understand" the meaning of things here.
Just beside the "WiFi" tab there is a "WiFi Security" tab that has a field to type the password.
(This is at least the case with Plasma desktop).

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Re: WiFi basic question

Shared key = password.

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