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Disk Partitioning Problem

Greetings All. 
First post, new forum member, multi-year Q4OS user.

I am trying to upgrade to Q4OS 3 Centaurus from Q4OS 2 Orion. 
I am prevented from doing so by puzzling behaviour of the installer at the partitioning step.
No matter what I try, the installer insists on resizing and moving ALL of the other ten OpSys partitions on the disk (I have not allowed it to proceed).  It seems to want to down-size all other partitions to eliminate free space in them(!), and also wants to shift them around on the disk for no reason I have been able to guess.  This is unnecessary and unwelcome behaviour, particularly for Vista and Haiku - I have found that these OSses in particular HATE to be moved or resized. It is unnecessary, because there is 85Gb of available space for the new Q4OS installation (Orion lives happily in 15Gb).
I intend to install Centaurus separately from Orion, and only remove the older installation when Centaurus is working.
I have never had this problem before tho I have installed several dozens of operating systems on many different machines over several decades.  Q4OS2 did not ever act like this, and I have installed it on at least two other machines - it always went docilely to its intended partition which I had created in advance.  Q4OS 3 doesn't seem to want to go where its told without rearranging all the furniture.
The machine is a 12-year-old Sony VAIO laptop with a 250Gb HDD and 4Gb memory, but machine specs are not the issue here.

Any insights or solutions forum members can offer would be very welcome.


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