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Humming Owl
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Locked keyboard shortcut

I experienced a weird error when I was trying to asign a key shortcut to a program and accidentally locked the keys involved with the shortcut. I wasn't able to use the shortcut in any way. I don't know if it happens on all cases.

Q4OS Gemini 4.7, Trinity, 64 bits.

Steps to reproduce:

- Open Konqueror and go to "settings:/".
- Go to "Regional & Accessibility > Keyboard Shortcuts".
- Go to the "Command Shortcuts" tab.
- Unfold the "Programs" folder and asign a shortcut for "Konqueror" (just as an example) and apply settings.
- Open "TDE menu editor", press Ok.
- Change the name of the "q4os_startmenu_webbrowser.desktop" file  (the program in question) to "q4os_startmenu_webbrowser1.desktop" (any name change is valid).
- Close the "TDE menu editor" window.

At this point if you press your shortcut a KHotKeys window will open specifying an error:

Service '/home/<username>/.q4data/Programs/q4os_startmenu_webbrowser.desktop' is malformatted.

But if you continue with the following steps your shortcut key wil get completely unusable without any warnning popping out:

- Close the "Keyboard Shortcuts" window and open it again.
- Search for the program you asigned the shortcut (you will notice the shortcut asigned isn't there).
- Asign to that same program the same shortcut as before.
- Apply settings.

No matter what you do, even if you select to restore the default shortcuts configuration, the shortcut asigned to the program will not be usable anymore.

The only solution is to:

- Open "Keyboard Shortcuts".
- Select "None" shortcut for the mentioned program.
- Apply settings.
- Open "TDE menu editor".
- Rename the ".desktop" file to its original name. In my case "q4os_startmenu_webbrowser.desktop".
- Close "TDE menu editor".
- Close "Keyboard Shortcuts" window.
- Open it again.
- Asign "None" shortcut to the mentioned program.


I didn't knew I changed the name of the ".desktop" file and had a bad time trying to figure out what happened. When the ".desktop" file stops existing the program does not eliminate or modify the shortcut asigned to it, even if you try to apply the default shortcuts configuration.

It is kind of hard to get stuck like I did but if someone happens to end up like me I hope this info can be helpful.


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