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#1 2022-02-03 23:47

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RPI Unable to configure options for VNC Server


I've been scratching my head over an issue with a new install of Q4OS on a Raspberry Pi (Centaurus v3.14 - Raspberry Pi / armhf)

I installed VNC server via raspi-config (interface options) as always, but can't adjust options via the trinity desktop (logged in as pi)

Popup box with the following message:

Unable to configure options for VNC Server.   

This requires super user access when running in service mode as the
changes will affect all users of this system.  Either you do not have a
suitable method configured to gain superuser privileges (e.g. sudo),
you are not authorized top do this, or you supplied invalid credentials

I installed raspos on another sd - vnc options seems to work fine.  I've been attempting to compare q4os/raspos vnc configuration in /etc, services and such. 

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

EDIT by Admin: This bug has been registered at the official bug tracker

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#2 2022-03-29 23:04

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Re: RPI Unable to configure options for VNC Server

Here's another tidbit of info on this one ... seems be associated with 'elevation' of privileges. 

From the log (journalctl) when I try to access VNC options from desktop logged in as pi

vncserver-x11-serviced[486]: <11> 2022-03-29T12:16:39.658Z GramPiV2 vncserverui-service[786]: ServerUi: Error showing options dialog: Elevation not supported: no terminal found

I suspect it has something to do with when & where VNC service is fired up during Q4OS/Trinity session startup.  It does work fine on RaspOS bullseye and buster.  Still haven't figured it out on Q4OS or found much help searching the interweb

I can easily reproduce or gather up additional info as needed

I'm going to try TightVNC in meantime


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