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Re: Q4OS Xfce Desktop version

HAL_2000 wrote:

Well this is an old conversation, but it is one I arrived at after searching for a configurable, lightweight DE.  LXDE is very light, but I wanted to keep my initial install light, not add one DE upon another.  It's easy for me to say that I would prefer a Xfce OOTB distro of Q4OS, but I am no developer, so I'll have to wait until such a release is offered. 

Reason?  I have been searching for a lightweight OS for older, 32-bit hardware, that can be easily themed.  Reading extensively from the How-To websites, they keep referring to Xfce, and specifically to Xfce4.

I'll be keeping an eye out for any Q4OS/Xfce / 32-bit releases.

Thanks in advance for the work you put into making it.

As that's not going to happen you have two choices.
1. Install XFCE via the desktop profiler in Q4OS
2. Install a dedicated XFCE desktop.

For the latter I recommend Sparkylinux.

32 bit version … o/download

Amongst a number of useful tools it has a simple interface to the installation of practically all current DEs - Sparky Desktop.

That would allow you to play around and see what takes your fancy.

It is a well balanced install with a good selection of addons that do just enough to help things along without swamping the system.


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Re: Q4OS Xfce Desktop version

Hello bin!

Interestingly enough, I have installed SparkyLinux on two different testbeds and am getting a common error:  it loads a non-US keyboard configuration.  I have just posted a support question on their support forum and we'll see if there is a ready fix for that issue.

The only way you can use the installed version of SparkyLinux is to plug in an external USB keyboard.  Not really convenient.

This seems to be an issue with laptops.  I have not tried loading SparkyLinux onto a desktop, which uses an external keyboard as a matter of course.

Looking for other distros which also include Xfce DE's OOTB (talk about stringing together a schload of acronyms!) I found ROBOLINUX, which has some very interesting qualities.

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Re: Q4OS Xfce Desktop version

Please keep the discussion about Q4OS.


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Re: Q4OS Xfce Desktop version

Rademes wrote:
crosscourt wrote:

Im running the Q4OS KDE version and its using 457mb at GUI after boot. If you want to tweak and stop startup apps you dont need you can get it even lower.

I will try KDE Plasma version, but later. I remember my experience with KDE4 (Kubuntu) in 2012. It was slow, sluggish and contained a lot of unnecessary (for me) stuff. Also it was too difficult for me. GNOME 2 was much faster and easier! The overall impression was so bad, that since then, I had never touched KDE.

KDE 4 was a nightmare; I switched to XFCE for that entire time.  KDE 5 (Plasma) is wonderful!  It's what should have come after KDE 3.


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