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NIC Card Not Working in Q4os


I have two NIC cards on my system each connected to a different network. I use Q4os Trinity, Mate and other destop managers with Debian Buster. None of the managers is able to connect to the internet with one of the NIC cards. I use Manjaro and Netrunner both of these OS connect to the internet using either NIC card. I also downladed Q40s live and this OS connects to the internet using both NIC cards.

I even switched the network cables around on the NIC cards to make sure it was not a cabling issue. It is not a router issue and it is not a NIC card issue.

Both cards are Realtek 8168 cards.

I am contemplating installing Q4os over the current version of Q4os but that is a drastic solution to this problem. I believe the last Debain update may have caused this issue?

Any help is appreciated.

THank you.


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Re: NIC Card Not Working in Q4os

jcgghb wrote:

I also downladed Q40s live and this OS connects to the internet using both NIC cards.

Please, tell us, in which Q4OS your NIC cards working normally, and in which Q4OS version they are not working.
You can get exact Q4OS versions by typing get-q4os-version in Konsole.
Also, please post your system info by typing inxi -Fz in Konsole.
If you do not have inxi, install it using sudo apt-get install inxi
Manjaro and Netrunner are not Debian based distros.

There is an article, how to build Realtek RTL8111/RTL8168 driver on Debian/Ubuntu systems.
"The RTL8111/RTL8168 is not Open Source and this would be of course the reason why the driver isn’t included into the Linux Kernel. As long as the driver isn’t Open Sourced, we have to build it on our own." … ted-guide/
I personally have not tried this method, because I do not have Realtek cards. Linux has problems with them, because Realtek programmers made their drivers proprietary.
I suggest you to update your kernel before building driver. Especially, if you have 4.19.0-5 kernel. That kernel acts like it was building dkms drivers but the build actually failes. … 83#p598880

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