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youtube-dl's Buster version is faulty; update from Bullseye's.

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a nice life and a wonderful-healthy 2020! smile

There's seem to be something wrong with youtube-dl's Buster version cause it kept giving me this error

youtube says: video not available

and tried to update hoping that fixed the issue but got this

youtube-dl: error: youtube-dl's self-update mechanism is disabled on Debian. Please update youtube-dl using apt(8). See for the latest packaged version.

but apt kept telling me that the latest youtube-dl version was installed, so I downloaded the .deb for testing a.k.a Bullseye, installed it, fortunately it gave me no errors nor was any package replaced/updated and it made no changes to the sources.list  file, now youtube-dl works as expected, so Buster's users might want to do that. Just wanted to let you know. smile

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