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AMD64 Overlocking @Q4Hardware Info - High End OC Button?

I like a lot the hardwarre info in Q4 (which shows all on a fingertip).

AMD High End OC Button

How would it be that the AMD Overclocking features are direct adjustable here?

Some strategy togehter with AMD could be, that Q4 becomes a high-end overclocking OS too, for the latest AMD HW.

Probably it would be kind to have an extra button AMD-Overclocking mode, so that the Low-Tech Q4 users, don't get worried in some way (default = Low-Tech mode).  I personally like very much, if old hardware runs well or even competitive towards its purpose.

This would be pretty cool!

Sure, some live status, like temperature are necessary to know if the system runs still stable and don't  generate too much environmental waste...

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