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Requested App: Automated Driver search utility

Long time Windows user, exploring Linux, here.

First off, to the developers of Q4OS, kudos and thanks. Danke!  Ausgezeichnet!

I have loaded Q4OS on a couple older machines and it moves about quickly, even with a tiny amount of RAM, and with the XPQ4 overlay, looks wonderful.

The only downside I have seen (compared to other Linux distros, such as Lubuntu and LXLE) is the difficulty in getting Q4OS to recognize devices, such as webcams and WiFi MiniCards. 

Requested utility: perhaps this already exists but is not readily apparent to new users migrating in from Windows systems, where the user can click on the proposed application and automatically download and install the necessary driver for whatever hardware is detected.

EDIT:  I really do like how quickly Q4OS moves on an older machine with limited RAM and how closely it resembles Windows.  As an experiment, I loaded ZORAN on a Sony Vaio last night which has has been used to test Lubuntu, Linux Lite, LXLE and Q4OS. Zoran was quite slow.  In contrast, the Vaio worked quite nicely on Q4OS / XPQ4.*

Linux Mint apparently already has the requested application (post-installation driver installer) … ivers.html


* Aside from being able to easily seek and install necessary drivers.  In the Lubuntu and LXLE install, by comparison, the install sniffed out and activated the WiFi card early on in the installation process.  Webcams, whether integral to the laptop or plugged in by USB, were readily recognized and operational.

If Q4OS is to be successful in gaining market share, it needs to address the lack of ability to easily recognize and install devices.  It needs to address the needs of the average user, whether at home, in school, or in the workplace, not just trained IT personnel.

What I have been finding is, in the cases I have encountered, a lengthy and arduous search for device drivers, which may or may not have been deprecated, and may or may not work with a Debian-derived system, and then requiring the user to compile the driver once the file is downloaded.


The requested application would scan the system for hardware which does not have a driver, locate the driver, download it and install it for use. This would be a big selling point for non-programmer business users who wish to install scanners, networks or other business devices.


Not sure if the HARRY POTTER universe would have an intellectual property issue with using the name ACCIO, (or perhaps a photetic equivalent), but it would seem an appropriate name for the application.

From the Harry Potter Wiki:

"The Summoning Charm (Accio) is a charm that summons an object towards the caster. It is able to summon objects in direct line of sight of the caster, as well as things out of view, by calling the object aloud after the incantation (unless the spell is cast nonverbally)."

Many thanks in advance,

HAL 2000

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