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Switch display between 2 monitors

I have just installed Q40S 3.9 with TDE on my Lenovo x201 for the second time. I chose "The Basic Q4OS Desktop . . ." in the Desktop Profiler. In the previous installation I have used "Full featured Desktop . . ."  Here I could find in the start menu, I believe under System, anything, where you could switch the screen display from the laptop monitor to an external monitor. Both monitors were recognized with the correct resolution, and I just only had to click away a checkmark on the notebook monitor, then it turned black and the display changed to the external monitor.
Now I find only TDERandRTray in the start menu / system, but that works unfortunately notl. So I've spent hours with the last installation my x201 in the docking station to switch to the external monitor, which has worked under Suse out of the box. Unfortunately, the other option under Control Panel / Settings / Periphals / Display (More Monitors) also does not work.
Then I found at least the possibility described above, with which I could manually switch to the external monitor. What is the name of the tool? Is it possible to install it?

Thanks a lot, and sorry for my bad English, it's more "google translate" than me.


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