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#1 2019-08-10 18:12

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Problems in Q4OS Scorpion

Good day!
I decided to use Q4OS Scorpion for now, because Centaurus has some problems, which I really don't like, and Scorpion works better on my hardware.
Unfortunatelly, I have found some problems in Q4OS Scorpion. Not so important as in Centaurus (KMix), but still need to be solved.
1. I have installed LibreOffice 6 using Q4OS Software Centre. On my notebook it was slow and sluggish, so I decided to remove it using Q4OS Software Centre. … sp=sharing … sp=sharing
But, even after removal I have found some of its components installed, and I was able to launch Libre Office writer. … sp=sharing … sp=sharing
Also, In Synaptic package manager, there were some packages remained installed. … sp=sharing
So the problem is - Q4OS Software centre does not remove Libre Office completely.
2. When I try to Browse folder in Gwenview-trinity after opening file, it returns Error.
Video: … sp=sharing
3. When I try to print scanned image in Kooka-trinity, It generates many pages, then just hangs. So I am unable to print using Kooka-trinity.
Video: … sp=sharing
I can print successfuly using OpenOffice, Chromium and other utilities, so my printer works well. The problem is only with kooka-trinity. … sp=sharing
4. I have uninstalled geeqie, but I still have its entry in Start Menu. … sp=sharing
5. Expanding dialog window does not working properly.
Video: … sp=sharing

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Q4OS Team
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Re: Problems in Q4OS Scorpion

Thanks for the detailed report, we will check all the mentioned a post a feedback later.


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