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Time in Q4OS

Has been almost a year ussing the Q4OS, in my MAIN PC JOB!!
I'm a Principal in a Basic Elementary School, in Mexico (Coatepec, Veracruz) and I adopted this system in july 14th of 2018, in my old, slow and very basic Acer V5 (c-70 1ghz processor, 4 gb ram). Since then, no without a learning process in the linux world, I was charmed with every update.
My principal tasks are referred to administrative workarounds, like schedules, writings, monetary balances, and presentations. But even with multimedia projects, the system it's very smoooth!!
I have a dual boot (Windows 10/ Q4OS) but, it's very very very rare for me to enter now on Windows (maybe just for some gaming) because recently discovered the WINE program.
So... I'm really excited too because the new Centaurus stable realease, and I know will be even better than the Scorpion Plasma (my actual OS).
How long have you used this Operative System?
Thanks to this amazing team!!


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Re: Time in Q4OS

I have been using Scorpion since the stable release, then I waited for the Raspberry Pi image to be released, that is were I mainly use my Q4OS.  It is light, very smooth and responsive on my Raspberry Pi 3B+, now I want to get a Raspberry Pi 4B with the 4GB of RAM.  To me, this is a great desktop replacement, and very cool technology.  I can't wait to see Raspberry Pi images go to 64 bit, and then the industry follow, like Google Chrome and other 3rd party that are popular to use in a Linux distribution environment.

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