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What is the Linux of the month?

I attended a Linux group meeting in my area. It was a small group of 3 + Me. I will not judge but, the attitude needs to change.
I enabled my laptop to show them Q4OS.
I know that all Linux users do not feel the same. It is flawed to see people running these Linux Groups focus on "Status Line" Corporate By-Lines. An important point given by one of the attendees is: "How does the company exist if the user does not need help" (to satisfy fully automated tasks in Q4OS).

I disagree and I also tell them. For me, the main reason Windows users will not switch to Linux is because they have been fed easily by Windows without having to run the Dos command at the Dos prompt. These people don't want to learn - they want it Click & Done.


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Re: What is the Linux of the month?

Not everyone, not even the most, has to be a tech savvy system administrator. For many, the majority, the computer system is a tool to get their specific work done, preferably with the least friction as possible. They simply don't have the time, the interest and they simply don't care to know how it works. They just want it to work well and get out of their way. Windows (or MacOS and now ChromeOS) generally serves them well for that purpose. Nothing wrong with that and to each their own. Linux on Desktop is slowly growing with ease of use/user friendly factor, but, as any system, requires some adaptation and learning curve.

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