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CrystalSVG for GTK plus GTK directory and file listing order

I know it's old fashioned, but I happen to like the crystalsvg icon set.

I also happen to like my interface to be consistent across GTK and TDE applications.

If you happen to feel the same way, then grab the GTK crystalSVG icons from

Unpack and copy to /usr/share/icons

Use whatever tool you prefer to configure your gtk apps to use crystalSVG and away you go.

There is of course the gtk-qt-engine-trinity config tool in the repos - I happen to prefer doing it by hand with the relevant config files.

The other thing which drives me nuts is the GTK default of NOT listing directories before files - despite that being the pretty universal standard elsewhere.

So,  install dconf-editor and use it to search 'directories' and then set to show directories first.


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