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Apwal launcher

This is a re-post from the #! forum.

I have found an excellent way to launch applications in Q4OS.

It's called Apwal ("Advanced Powerful Window Application Launcher"), and it's in the repository - I installed with Synaptic.

Read all about it here:

It's been around for a while - the current version 0.4.5 dates from December 2004 - but it has not gotten much attention from Linux users since.

Here is a detailed article from Linux Magazine:

READY FOR ACCESS - Linux Magazine … OPia-Apwal

So, what distinguishes Apwal from other ways of launching programs in Q4OS?

You normally add program launchers to the Menu, or install some sort of dock program.

Or, you can click Alt-F2 and type in the name of the executable.

The above methods work, but require you to mouse away from your current activity and focus on another part of the screen. And ALT-F2 requires you to type several keys.

Enter Apwal.

It pops up at your cursor location when you activate it with a keyboard shortcut, and presents you with a constellation of 48x48-pixel icons for the programs you have configured. So your eyes don't even have to leave the spot on the screen where you were focussed. I find that very convenient. The Apwal constellation only stays there for a short time, then disappears until it is summoned again with your keyboard shortcut.

I have set my Alt-Space key combo to launch Apwal, or you can choose whatever you find most convenient.

One nice thing about Apwal is that it completely removes itself from RAM after each summoning. That's what I call a "light" app!

The only downside I have found with Apwal is that the Editor must load all of its icons into the selection panel every time you launch it (by right-clicking on any icon in the Apwal constellation). That takes a few seconds, so do ALL the edits you can think of at once.

I suggest you give Apwal a try, and see if it makes your Q4OS life a little smoother!

Other links for APWAL: … apwal.html … ncher.html

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