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Where is the option to use entire disk for Q4OS?

I decided I might try Q4OS after seeing it was suitable for old computers. I am planning to replace Windows 10 as my operating system on my Thinkpad T420s. However, while watching videos/reviews, I do not see the option of "erase disk"/"use entire disk for [insert linux distro here]" (which in this case is Q4OS), compared to the installation procedures of Xubuntu, Lubuntu, etc. Since I do not plan on keeping Windows 10, how does automatic partitioning work in the installation process? The guide doesn't show it, since it's mean for a dual boot configuration. Thank you for your replies.

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Re: Where is the option to use entire disk for Q4OS?

What I have done for installations like you describe is to boot into the Live-Cd and use GParted to delete all partitions and then when installing I get the following dialog box appear (I have used VirtualBox here to grab a screenshot but I have also done this on bare metal installations)


After I select Yes I get the following


As you can see the EFI system partition is automatically created and for me everything works fine. One thing to note here though would be if you UEFI implementation is buggy then it is possible you would encounter some sort of error, but it works every time for me on my Dell Laptop.


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