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Q4os + TDE + KDE5

Awesome !! - Just Simply Awesome - It Just Works - All Of It - Even KDE5/Plasma is mature enough for daily use
Probably the best piece of 'Nix software developed, come to market, in 10-12 years - and a joy to deploy and use

KDE3.5 was, in-of-itself, a masterpiece back then - totally malleable - one could shape it any which way, but loose
KDE4 was a total disaster, at least for several years - we regressed back to MS/XP for all our production work.
MS today is a disaster - everything they touch, they trash - zilch since XP - Gates' EULA was sheer genius, though

Used PCLOS - which became Politically Correct Linux Operating System - for eons - Texstar is very good, pity his
support team [some] have developed such poor form of late - do not subscribe to their rolling release system, as
I eventually got caught up in the KDE/3.5/4/5 repo, update-from-hell-snafu which destroyed my then, primary O/S,
which was a remastered/kludged PCLOS clone, more specifically to suit our needs - didnt need/want all the fluff

Neither would their TDE ISO USB boot, they never have, whereas Q4OS did ... CDROM had recently expired, again.

Was never a fan of the sudo [pseudo] O/S crowd - simple to set up a root a/c, manipulate everything until it squeaks,
then shell out to a user account and cruise - of course I blew-up a lot of stuff, but thats how we got to the moon, etc.
Also had a horror experience with the Irish distros, albeit Mint was not to blame for every malady that afflicted me

Previously, had 8-12 O/S's running on my monster 17/18 Vaio NB - never lost any actual data - just simply selected
another OS and kept cooking - would fix the patient/s later at my leisure, usually nursing a frosty or three...

Amazing what a 330MB ISO can do - right out of the blocks - could never fathom why anyone would download
3-5 GIG only to have it not boot or install, or simply not work as advertised - great thinking, even better execution

Again, kudos do all the girls und boys @ Q4OS - swell job - thank you - dont have to roll my own any more

This is also a very user-friendly forum which will go a long way towards promoting Q4OA successfully

We have placed a Q4OS add up on our website already - a small token of our appreciation

Highest Regards


PS - not sure if/how image will display - might not have sufficient [sudo] permissions

PPS - the little baby hibernates also - 'Nix hasnt done that successfully for about 10 yrs - since I last used XP

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