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Trinity Package Installer

Hi everyone,
  I mentioned in a post somewhere (can't find it now roll) that I had written an installer app that could be used for trinity packages, and have found it and modified it from what it was (an experiment for Bobby) to a Trinity Package Installer.
It can handle installing and removing multiple packages at the same time, simply go through the list select whether to install or remove packages and when you are ready click on perform tasks.
Please understand, this at the moment is very much an Alpha version and I have not even created an installer yet (if there is enough interest I will).

If you want to give it a try please let me know what you think, please run it from a terminal in case there are errors although I have done some testing and everything seems to be running ok so far. You would need to run the script as root (or with sudo) if you actually want to install/remove any packages, this is deliberate to allow testing as normal user for the general working of the app, and you can run the script as user to allow you to see what it looks like without fear of changing anything.

To run the script extract the contents of the attached file and navigate to the folder and run using python or if you want to install/remove packages run it with sudo python

There is currently no feedback on installation although this would not be a problem to implement in a future version (if there is to be one)

Thanks for reading and hope you like it (or the concept of it at least).


gz Trinity-Installer.tar.tar.gz, Size: 32.07 KiB, Downloads: 268


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