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Tips for Rasberry Pi 3 & Q4OS "Your going to Love It" !

I have been working with a Pi 3 and Q4OS for about a week now. I am not an expert of ether the Pi or Q4OS.

If you are thinking about buying a Raspberry Pi 3 & use Q4OS with the new faster processor, 1GB memory and "New" Wifi, Please Go For It as you will be very happy how Q4OS runs on this new board.  It is very easy to write the Q4OS image to the SDCard to boot your Pi 3. Just use this command from the folder that contains your Q4OS*****.img file:

  1. Change  Q4OS Version number - file name as needed and sdb to what your SDcard dev name is

  2. Use sudo fdisk -l  (note:  l  is a lower case L) to find dev name of your SDcard.

sudo fdisk -l

  3. Write Q4OS Image to SDcard:

 sudo dd bs=4M if=./q4os-1.4.11-rpi.img of=/dev/sdb

The only I hope for is the reduction in size of Q4OS Pi image; its at 1GB.  Can this be less than 700MB via compression to fit on a CD-R; I don't know yet. More likely that people would download it as well but, thats just my own opinion.

- Use at least a 8gb or larger Class 10 SDcard.  Class 10 cards write faster and do seem to load a little faster. (Depends on Manufacture)

- I can use my Q4OS enabled Pi 3 as a daily computer using my small flat screen TV via HDMI.

If everyone in the world switched to a Raspberry Pi 3 - we would save $10 Billion a day in electric bills (okay maybe not that much)

- Pi 3 is a little slower on the graphics so it won't be playing high end games anytime soon.

- Can't tell much difference from my Quad-Duo 2.2 ghz and Pi 3 using Q4OS when browsing the Internet (but I only have 1MB download)

- Everything seems to install okay from Terminal using apt-get / Synaptic. LAMP Server, GIMP, Snapshot. (Have not installed PhpMyAdmin yet though)

- The Pi 3 uses a new 64 bit processor and any thing not installed from Terminal, for example XPQ4, must be a Raspberry Pi version.

- Some Pi programs that work on the Pi2 may or may not work on the Pi 3. (Still Checking this out - from what I have research, most wont work on Pi 3)

- Renewing the Q4OS network interface, i.e., eth0, using sudo ifconfig down / up does not work. Use sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop / restart

- Q4OS network configuration still work here:  /etc/network/interfaces.d/interfaces (you will need to create this file = interfaces)

--  Going to experiment on Wifi this coming week --- and post findings.

No Longer Using Q4OS


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Re: Tips for Rasberry Pi 3 & Q4OS "Your going to Love It" !

Life code should be like source code.......without proper syntax it won't work

Does that include apostrophes? :-) :-)

......You're going to love it.......


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Re: Tips for Rasberry Pi 3 & Q4OS "Your going to Love It" !

Great post!

RPi3 + Q4OS is a perfect combination !



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