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add clonezilla to grub menu

I made a little script to add a 'Clonezilla live' entry in the grub menu.
As you may know, Timeshift and similar backup programs don't cover all sort of disaster scenarios, so it's safer to do a complete 'offline' image of your disk/partitions sometimes, and this can be done with clonezilla. No matter if you have windows in dual boot or multiple other OS, it can take care of all kind of partition format, etc...  It can be usefull too when you want to clone your disk, for example in order to replace it with a larger size one or other replacement cases.

As I like to experiment, I have to do this kind of offline backup often to be safe, and to avoid having to reinstall everything when I screw it up tongue
So, it's usefull to have it ready on grub menu, I don't always have an usb key with bootable clonezilla live on it with me tongue

Of course, if your root partition is damaged bad, you will have no other choices but to boot Clonezilla from an usb mass storage to be able to restore the backup image, but it's handy to not have to boot from usb to make backup: just restart, access grub menu (press F4 at boot if you set timeout to zero) and choose the clonezilla entry smile

The script will download clonezilla, then put the iso file in the /iso/ folder, and finally create the grub menu entry with your current locales & keyboard layout parameters. (so it will be in your language and with the right keyboard layout for you)

32bits & 64bits compatible.

Just a warning: I'm 100% sure it won't work with a q4os installed from windows (q4os filesystem contained in a NTFS file). Although this can be done, it's not targeted by this script, so don't try in this case as it may break things.

the script must be run as root (sudo ./ )

Tell me if it's usefull for you smile

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