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Want to revive an old Macbook

Hi, everyone. My mom changed computers a while back and gave me her old A1150 Macbook from 2006 ( It's a 32-bit instruction set, which limits things.

The original OS doesn't work at all for browsing the internet, but it still turns on. I thought about installing Q4OS (recommended through Reddit), just so I could connect to my PC back home when I'm away, surf the web and use Google Docs.

But I ran into an issue. I used Balena Etcher to flash a thumb drive, it worked flawlessly. But it doesn't appear as a boot option in the Mac. I've also tried loading the ISO file directly into the thumb drive, but that doesn't work either.

I've tried loading the recovering session in Mac, but that doesn't work (I don't even know if this was a thing back then).

Terminal still works, and the computer itself is connected to the Wi-Fi, though Safari doesn't allow me to connect to almost anything, therefore I can't download Q4OS directly to the Macbook.

Maybe there's a way to install Q4OS from the terminal? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance.


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Re: Want to revive an old Macbook

Two things are important:
- your USB must be bootable (try to use it to boot from another computer)
- your Macbook must be enabled to boot from an USB and maybe show a list of devices to boot from.

I don't know Mac world. On other computers one should
- hit repeatedly F2 or Del key at boot time to access the BIOS
- once in the BIOS, go to the "Boot" tab (or similar), check if boot from external device is enabled
- if possible, set the order boot devices will be looked for to boot
- save settings, exit BIOS and reboot.

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Re: Want to revive an old Macbook

Did you try Ventoy ? (  )
it worked for me on several old macintosh laptops, just create a ventoy usb disk and put q4os iso in the "iso" folder and you're good smile
(you will have to maintain alt or options key during boot to access the boot manager)

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