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Programs not work on i386 architecture without SSE2 and beyond.

Q4oS Software Center offers 54 programs to be installed on i386 architecture, but some of them have SSE 2 and SSE 3 incompatibilities. I’ve detected some of them, and here is the list, remembering to old computers owners these programs will not be installed:

Web browsers not supported:(SSE2 or 3 incompatibilities)

Mozilla Firefox
Falkon (not able to download it)

(Edit 05/06/24)
Konqueror web browser has not java script, but I think it is not a problem using my old computer to not have  access to a google mail account like I did in the past.

Programs not supported (SSE2 or 3 incompatibilities):

Filezilla (edit updated 05/06/24)

Also, some client messaging cannot be configured since they cannot be configured with any kind of mail account, so they will have no use because cannot work together with mail servers:

Mozilla Thunderbird
Kmail- Trinity

I add more not useful programs for really old computers:

Virtualbox Additions virtualization is not possible or not very useful on a i386 1 Gb RAM computer)
Cheese (not useful for web cams which work from win7 and beyond).
HP Drivers (I’m not an owner of a HP Printer connected to a parallel port).

Finally, some programs can be installed, but they are slow or work acceptable under offline conditions:

VLC (Good for audio and 360p videos offline, not good for live video and audio broadcast)
All video editors or screen recorders (kdenlive, openshot-qt, Simplescreenrecorder,
Timeshift is very slow restore utility
Gmtp is slow but functional for storing photos from iPhone.

It is really a pity that Wine cannot be used as a virtual program for old windows programs on this computers, even they were made for windows Xp.

My tries installing my own cloud have not work, even before a long installations on Q4oS past surpassed versions after Aquarius 5.2

Here is my experience using Q4oS. Despite my limitations using Q4oS on this kind of computers, alternatively can be used with another useful programs (Konkeror web browser, Amarok, Audacity, Rosegarden…) and some programs not listed or installed from a clean installation (SM Player instead of VLC, Onboard Keyboard for screening keyboard).

Hope this can be useful.

Thank you Q4oS team for allow to upgrade in some way my old computer.

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Re: Programs not work on i386 architecture without SSE2 and beyond.

We will remove some applications from the Software center running on non-SSE hardware, that doesn't work properly.


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