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#1 2024-02-20 01:42

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My Fear

I'll be honest. No matter how many times I write on this forum about my characteristics
let me remind you
8gb ram
intel core i3 1215u 12 gen
256 hard drive (nvme)
The laptop is a year old (when I bought it). 8 GB was enough for all the applications I needed. But due to the fact that the DEs became heavy (since the code became heavier), I became afraid to install any Linux distribution at all. For example, I look at system requirements, but they seem to be low, but there are still doubts. Same with 
Q4OS.Who has had such a situation when you can’t figure out the DE and distribution?


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Re: My Fear

I do not understand your problem.

That machine is perfectly capable of running any version of linux.

Your only limitation may depend on the graphics chip. For example a standard intel chip of that era may not give you all the silly desktop effects and animations but who needs 'em. I happily run on an Acer laptop from 2008 with just 4gb RAM and an old core 2 duo chip.

Stop reading the requirements and just get on and do it. Find out for yourself what works and what doesn't.


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Re: My Fear

I run Q4OS on a 2008 acer laptop.

1.73 GHz Celeron with 2GB RAM.  It runs quite well.

Calm down, it's only ones and zeroes


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Senas Komunistas
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Re: My Fear

Just test it by yourself smile


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