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#1 2023-12-15 09:53

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Problem installing Grub in Chromebook conversion.

I have an Acer Chromebook 317 17.3". I have converted it to Linux Mint, and it works well excepting that the CPU gets up to 85c on you tube. It has no fan or ventilation, I have been trying to install the latest Q4OS but get an error at the end when it tries to install grub. Q4OS would be perfect as is light on resources, but has everything I need. I also tried MX Linux which installs Ok, but is not much lighter than Mint. Has anyone any suggestions?


#2 2023-12-15 11:41

Q4OS Team
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Re: Problem installing Grub in Chromebook conversion.

We can recommend to try Q4OS install-cd instead of live media. You can also install plain Debian and use this method to install Q4OS


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