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#1 2023-05-13 02:54

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hello. I'm new. thanks q4os

Hello, I just wanted to share my satisfaction as a new user of Q4OS, I have never felt so satisfied with an operating system.
I am not a specialist, but I have my experience as a user of many years and solving my problems on these issues. Repairing my PC and that of friends.
Previously I had some attempts with linux, I always used it as a backup, but I didn't feel comfortable, I always had to solve something, everything didn't work, I felt it was difficult, uncomfortable and I needed time to study it. Q4OS was a light on the road, it's easy, intuitive, stable, very fast, very accessible. It is very well done.
A year ago I left the big city, I'm living in the countryside, in the mountains and I don't have fluid internet access or tools or help, recently win10 decided to die on my pc and I couldn't solve it in any way. I was lucky to have a version of Q4OS on a flash drive. When I did the test, it was a blessing.
Thanks to the developers and contributors.
I hope to be able to make a donation at some point. From my country it is difficult but it will be a goal.

Greetings to the whole community.
Thank you very much for being here.


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Re: hello. I'm new. thanks q4os

Good post.
I’m trialling q4os trinity on a 20-year-old 32-bit Pentium 4.


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