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#1 2023-03-18 10:32

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TDE Replace CUPS web interface with system-config-printer

I recall the days when localhost:631 was the only way to set up a printer, but in the 3rd decade of the 21st century it is a bit long in the tooth and I imagine for any new linux user it must seem positively arcane.

The old TDE printer config tool was OK but a bit clumsy - though of course nicely integrated with TDE.

Most linux users are familiar with the system-config-printer utility and the way it works is similar enough to many versions of Windows to make it not too hard for newcomers.

It doesn't add a lot to the build either.

Just for fun I have installed it and edited:-
as below

[Desktop Entry]
##Exec=dash /usr/share/apps/q4os_system/bin/

So far I have not run in to any issues with either installing or using a printer set up this way. In my case a 20+ year old USB port Laserjet with a USB print server using JetDirect.


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Re: TDE Replace CUPS web interface with system-config-printer

Ok, we will take a look on that.


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