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#1 2023-02-16 04:18

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[S2] UEFI 32bit - Install failed

Have a Netbook KREZ Ninja TY1103B
Processor Intel Atom x5 Z8350
RAM 2 Gb
eMMC 32 Gb

The processor itself is x86-64, but, UEFI is only 32bit

By adding bootia32.efi and grubia32.efi to EFI, it is possible to start LiveCD Q4OS Trinity
But, during the installation of the bootloader, I encounter an error ...

Created a usb flash drive LiveCD Q4OS Trinity
Launched LiveCD
Launched system installation
Got an error ...


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#2 2023-10-18 11:42

Q4OS Team
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Re: [S2] UEFI 32bit - Install failed

We can confirm this bug. Report has been registered at the official bug tracker

It would be helpful, if you could confirm:
1. Official Debian live media suffers from the same bug, so it could be considered as upstream.
2. Q4OS 64bit "install-cd" can be installed successfully on your machine with 32bit UEFI firmware.


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