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#1 2023-02-11 14:19

Banu Heart Envious
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How to Open Background

let me ask a question, I just used Q4OS and installed Steam and Kazam apps. when I open steam then close it, the application is still running in the background, so is kazam when I do a screen recording but I can't stop the recording process, how do I open the running application?
sorry my language is a bit strange because I'm not good at it and use translate


#2 2023-02-27 20:57

From: Belgium
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Re: How to Open Background

Alt-Tab ? Any related icon in the task bar or in the tray?
Otherwise, how do you know an application is still running?
How did you "close" an application?
With Plasma, you can always hit Ctrl+Esc to open "Activités du système" in French, where you can select a process and kill it.

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